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We made this website during this difficult time, to make it easier for people to access our bakery/kitchen. Baking from CIRCLES & SQUARES, Cold pressed juices from COAST, bread from BEATRIX Bread Co. and salads and meat pies from FEAST will be available.  We will be doing next day delivery in Toronto and around the GTA area. If you are outside of our delivery area, please contact us and we'll see if we can help.

Dear Valued Customers, 

We are currently undergoing a Menu and Website update and therefore will not be accepting orders for the time being. We want to thank you for your business and hope to see you back soon with an all NEW Menu very soon!


We will be delivering between 10AM and 5PM on your selected delivery day. Even though the website has you select a small time frame, the best we can do is during our given delivery hours.

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We started Circles & Squares just over 15 years ago, just looking to have a small bakery shop making cookies and squares. Since our landlord never finished the retail part of the building, we started to supply cafes around us to keep us in business. Since then, we've grown to supply some of the best cafes, espresso bars and restaurants in Toronto. In the past few years, we opened a kitchen space downtown and a bread bakery to bake for our sandwiches and for some customers. If we can keep the kitchens open to be a help and offer an assortment of what we bake.people, we will.

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